Friday, January 11, 2008

Blog Tour

Kaza Kingsley's Blog Tour: Day Eight.

Below are interview questions submitted by Kaza:

Have you worked any real people or experiences into your books?
Only one real person. My friend, Steve, is not a fiction reader, and definitely not a fantasy reader. I convinced him to read a few chapters of The Dragon’s Eye. He assured me he would not finish the book. Well, not only did he finish it, but he loved it! So, when he asked me to make him a character in Book Two, how could I say no?So Steve is a character (I used the name “Steve”) in Monsters of Otherness. He doesn’t have a big role. And … Steve was surprised to find his character was not even human! (I couldn’t resist…) See if you can spot him in Book Two. He has some of the characteristics of my friend.

Do you ever dream about your characters and their world?
Most definitely. The deeper I get into the writing process, the more lost I get in my fantasy world. Sometimes the ideas I get in dreams are actually useful in my writing. Usually they’re just glimpses, though. Another interesting thing that happens when I’m immersed in writing is that I start to feel like I’m living with a foot in two separate worlds. When things go wrong in one of them it seems to matter less – I always have the other.

I know it sounds strange. But if I hear something bad on the news, and I’m immersed in writing fantasy, it tends to feel less real, somehow. I just think, well, Erec’s also in danger, and that’s almost closer to my everyday reality. Then again, you have to realize, I write eight to ten
hours a day. I get really immersed.

Does it help to listen to a particular kind of music while you write? Or, do certain songs or themes come to mind when you think about your story?
Interesting – I cannot listen to any music when I write! It’s a darn shame, too, because I love music! I just end up hearing the lyrics in my head, and it pulls me out of where I am in the story. (I guess I could listen to classical music, just never was drawn there.)
I wrote most of Book One at my local Borders store. A certain spot in their cafĂ© had just the right amount of white noise, with people chatting in the distance and music speakers far enough that I couldn’t hear lyrics. Other stores that had louder music made it too hard for me to write. And if people sat next to me and got into an involved conversation I had to look rude and move! Since words are my medium, other people’s words just get in my head and mess me up.

What music do you like to listen to?
I love Jack Johnson, especially his “On and On” CD. Blue October is spectacular, I love their “Foiled” CD. I also love Nancy Griffith’s music – and so much more! Music is a great release for me. Before I got used to radio and TV interviews I had to listen to certain John Lennon songs to get in the right frame of mind!

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
I love movies, and try to go to as many as I can. Funny, because at the same time, I rarely watch television. When I do, I like the Daly show and Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central, as well as stand up comics! I love hiking and spending time with friends, cooking up goodies when I have time.

Kaza at the age of 5


JacobMPAlbanese said...

What do you like to cook? I prefer to bake. Also, do you plan on making the Eric Rex a long series?

Kaza Kingsley, said...

Hey Jacob! I love to bake, too. My favorite is making blueberry pie, because I love to eat it, but also cookies. I like to cook other things, too, but I think deserts are my favorite. What do you like to bake?

The Erec Rex series will be eight books long! I'm hard at work finishing Book Three now. It will be out next fall!

Christopher said...

Hello Kaza!!

As always very interesting answers!
I'm the same way when I write, I need something in the background.
I can do music or TV though.

Oh, BTW...Blueberry pie, Mmmmmmmmm

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Hi Kaza,
Thank you for inviting me to participate in your blog tour. Jacob is my son. My husband created a blog for him. We love to bake bread and cookies together as a family! Blueberry pie sounds delicious!

Kaza Kingsley, said...

Hey Christopher! You're lucky you can do music or TV when you write. I wish I could! Don't know why it just distracts me so much, though.

You all are making me hungry for blueberry pie now!! Oh, I guess it's my fault. I just might have to make it now!

Sarah - it is so awesome you are baking together as a family. Makes the end results taste extra good! Too bad the internet (unlike my MagicNet) doesn't allow for sharing of baked goods through the screen. I guess blogs would be REALLY popular then!

If Jacob has any questions after reading Erec Rex he can always contact me through my website at and I'll get back to him!!