Friday, January 25, 2008

2008 Resolutions

I know it is almost February, but I have been a little busy taking care of our baby (born 12/21/07). I decided that I need to make some reading resolutions for 2008. So here goes.

1.) Read more non-fiction. I love to read fiction books, but it is time to expand my horizons. I did enjoy reading The World is Flat and The Walk Across America (by Peter Jenkins). I would like to read a few biographies, some political books and I always enjoy books about personal achievement (i.e. walking across the U.S., beating the odds, etc.)

2.) Read all of this years Caldecott and Newbery Award winner books. I was able to do this last year and I really enjoyed all of the books. For those of you who are not familiar with these awards here goes. The Caledcott is an award giving to an artist of an outstanding children's book. The Newbery Award (the first children's book award in the world) is given to the author of an outstanding children's book. Go to for more information on these awards.

3.) Read more news sources. Currently I read articles from National Public Radio, I'll go to CNN, The Buffalo News and occasionally the BBC. I'd like to expand my horizons and read a plethora of diverse news sources. It doesn't hurt to get the news from a multitude of angles.

4.) Read at least three books I myself would never normally choose to read. How you might ask am I going to do this? Well I am going to visit the "virtual bookshelves" of all my friends on shelfari and choose a couple of books that I myself might not have picked to read, but that would expand my mind.

Well now I better get to these resolutions and begin reading! Happy New Year!


christy said...

i have always wanted to read the #2 ones! i have a few times, but i slack off a bit. i have been trying to buy more of the past ones for our bookshelves! by the way, i really enjoyed under the tuscan sun, once i got past the fact that the movie is really not at all that book! very good.

kristenita said...


I have never thought of making BOOK resolutions!!! my resolution: read more books. period.