Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 commitments

Are books no longer in vogue? Gone are the days when people would spend hours reading a book by candle light or a roaring fire. Let me rewind that, gone are the days before electricity, but I still find myself reading hours upon hours (often when I should be doing something else).

In our current age of technology it is easy to be bombarded on a daily basis by the Internet, television, radio, text messaging, video games, iPods, the list could go on and on (hey you're reading this blog so you're obviously one who embraces technology). However, as we start this new decade let's vow to find times to shut ourselves off from the constant buzzing of technology and curl up with a good book. In a world that can too often leave us feeling disenchanted why not occasionally whisk ourselves away to a different time or place?

Having two young boys (and I mean very young) I hope that they find enjoyment out of reading, in the future. I pray that I will not have to constantly pry them from yet another screen. I know that the Kindle and some other portable "book" devices are becoming more popular, but what can ever replace the feel of a good book? Let's not create a society like the one found in Ray Bradbury's classic "Fahrenheit 451," where books are burned and outlawed.

Here's to a decade where books are rediscovered and reopened. Dust off your bookshelves and let the adventures begin. Let's support our public libraries and local book stores! Okay well I'm off my latest novel is calling.

Happy reading!


kristenita said...

yay! I'm glad you're updating here. making me feel guilty for being online instead of reading one of the 15+ books on my shelf calling my name...

thanks for the motivation! can't wait to hear about what you read on here.