Sunday, November 18, 2007


I have read a number of Carl Hiaasen's books including Skinny Dip and Hoot. Hiaasen originally was only an adult writer, but recently has begun writing YA fiction. His most recent book is entitled Flush. Like almost all of his books the setting is Florida and the book's theme centers around environmental issues. In Hoot, the main character attempts to prevent a pancake restaurant from being built on land where endangered owls inhabit. In Flush, Noah's father is a pro environment fanatic who ends up in jail for sinking a local casino boat. According to Paine, Noah's father, the casino owner is dumping gallons and gallons of sewer into the waters every night. Since there is no proof of this occurring, Paine is arrested. Meanwhile, Noah and his younger sister, Abbey, decide to help their father's cause by becoming involved in unearthing evidence to pin point the casino owner's illegal actions.
The entire book is fast paced, witty and fun. The underlying themes of environmentalism are great lessons for any young adult to become aware of and learn. To find out more about Carl Hiaasen and to check out his latest books visit his website at